Thursday, 18 September 2014

OPI | Coca-Cola Red

How cute is this Red from OPI?! I absolutely love it, it's so bright and it's the actual Coca Cola red! Coca-Cola Red* is part of the OPI Coca Cola collection which launched a few months ago. The formula is just like all OPI nail polishes, you only need 2 coats however ensure you wear a base coat as this tends to stain. I love wearing red nail polish but I hate taking it off as it's super messy, but this looks to damn good not to wear! This red suits all skin tones and is available online from Feel Unique (click here) for £11.95.

Sabi x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer | How I Conceal

I suffer from dark circles and imperfections probably more now than I ever have before, and it can be pretty annoying as I can never quite cover them and if I do, it never lasts all day. I used to own the MAC Pro Long-wear concealer a few years ago and I wasn't a fan, I guess it was because I wasn't used to the formula, I wanted something quick and easy and I had gone off MAC products. But guess what I'm back to using the loved by many concealer, and it's been doing me wonders for hiding spots, hiding dark circles and for contouring!

I use the shade NC30 which is slightly lighter than my foundation (NC35 in MAC Studio Fix and 4 Natural in Bobbi Brown). Always buy a concealer which is lighter than your foundation colour as you want this area to appear lighter and brighter! The formula is quite thick and can be a tough one to blend as it takes a few minutes to tap this onto the skin until it seamlessly blends in to the skin. For a full coverage concealer, it really does work wonders as it hides and brightens the skin. For £17.00 you get a 9ml bottle which will last you a good 6 months at least as you only need a tiny tiny amount.

As you can see in Step 1 I have just applied a tiny amount (1 pump - although even this can be too much but use the excess on your nose, and forehead for contouring). Apply just under the eye as you will blend this up to the sensitive area in step 2!

Using my finger, in Step 2 I have blended this out more however you can still see it needs to be blended more. If you don't have the time or patience, use a beauty blender or Real Techniques sponge as it's much quicker!

Step 3 is the finished look, I've blended the concealer out and have applied some foundation to really blend out the concealer. I've also used a setting powder, so it doesn't crease during the day.

Which is your favourite full coverage concealer?

Sabi x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Boohoo's Christmas Collection 2014

I know we're only in September however Winter and Christmas are just around the corner. Yes. I did just mention Christmas!! As much as I love the Summer, I literally can't wait to shop for knits, faux fur snood and of course glam pieces for Xmas and NYE! It's my favourite time of the year and I had a sneak peak at Boohoo's Christmas Collection which has just got me even more excited! See below three of my favourite trends from the collection.


Boohoo you had me at Witch! As you all know I love Black and could live in it all day everyday. Boohoo has combined luxurious fabrics with a dark  and gothic feel. From velvet dress to lace finishes, black is back in full swing. Compliment pieces with statement jewellery, when I'm wearing all black I love adding a big chunky gold necklace. 


Think foil prints, embellishments and textures. Imperial draws inspiration from military detailing, key pieces from the collection include military jackets with metallic fastenings, peep-toe boots and gold cuffs. Fierce but chic.

Vintage Belle

Think relaxed retro glamour! The collection includes a palette of black, nudes and pale metallics in sheer and satin fabrics. Jumpsuits, dresses and kimono jackets are back! Great for a night out or to dress down during the day!

Which is your fave trend?

Sabi x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mess-Free Makeup Brushes | Real Techniques

Real Techniques retractable makeup brushes are the way forward in life.

I don't think we realise how much dirt can live in our makeup brushes, especially the ones we carry with us in our makeup bags. This is my second retractable makeup brush from Real Techniques, which is just the best thing ever. A retractable brush is a brush that winds up and down, and has a cap so no excess makeup and dirt can be transferred.

I recently purchased the Kabuki Brush from Boots, which is quite different to the Bronzing Brush which I've had a for a while now. The Kabuki is much more softer and very much like a powder brush, whereas the Bronzing Brush is slightly larger and has micro-fibre bristles.

These are essential for your handbag, I cannot stress to you enough why you need this in your life. It was great timing actually, I was on the tube going to work and I thought I would just give my face a quick powder, because it's sweaty and I really don't want a shiny face early in the morning, especially when I've only done my makeup less than half an hour ago. Long story short...I took my powder brush out of my makeup bag and I dropped it on the floor, on the tube. Yes. You should of seen my face. Go and invest!

Sabi x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rimmel | Apocalips Matte

Apocalips Lip Velvet*

It was only over a year ago Rimmel introduced Apocalips. I remember how this was literally on everyones lips, it was all about Apocalips. Just a few days ago Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet hit the shelves! There are five new shades however I misplaced one shade (Apollo) which is a nude beige brown.

If you don't know what Apocalips/Apocalips Matte is and this is all very new for you, Apocalips is a coloured lip lacquer which has a glossy finish and the colour pay-off is incredible. Apocalips Matte is of course the matte version which now has a new name Apocalips Lip Velvet

When it comes to matte lips, I'm always a little wary because my lips are very dry naturally and I'm constantly applying lip balm before any lip product. With Apocalips Lip Velvet you really don't have to worry about those horrible dry bits that show and you really don't need to apply any lip balm before. 

The formula is really light and moisturising, and the colour pay off is amazing. When I first started using this, I kept packing on so much formula on my lips however you really don't need it as the colour pigments are so strong, so just apply the bare minimum you can. It almost moisturises your lips but still gives you a matte finish. I'd definitely recommend to try these out, especially if you struggle with a matte lip as this is a lip lacquer therefore it's less likely for you to get a matte lip wrong.

Team Apocalips or Team Apocalips Matte? Which is your fave?

Sabi x